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How To Start A Day Care Center?

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Who, What, When, Where and How to Start a Day Care Center There is a moment when in your mind you cross the line between dreaming of running your own day care center and actually seeing it as a reality in your future. When you make that transition, all of a sudden, the details of what it will take to both bring a day care into existence and to operate it day in and day out and make it a success begin to become a reality to you as well. One way of putting some organization around your planning is to use the old four Ws and an H system where in you just ask yourself five basic questions about what it will take to start and operate your own daycare. And those five questions are who, what, when, where and how. 1. Who will be your customers? In Field of Dreams, the voice told Kevin Costner, "If you build it, they will come." But you need more specifics before starting your day care. So you have to understand where you are going to get your first customers and then how you will continue to build your day care by getting new families. Start at your "dream" of a day care and in that vision of taking care of children for a living. Where did the kids come from in that vision? You should have this question answered and have a identifiable target market pinpointed before you buy the first crib or swing set for your day care. You need to know there is a real need for what you do. Moreover, the people who are going to finance your dream must know this or they wont give you the money. 2. What will your day care look like when it is a reality? This is more than just day dreaming because you need to have a feel for the size of the day care center, for the types of things that will happen in your day care all day and for the way it is decorated and equipped. Before you develop your budget of how much money to ask the bank for before you actually start changing your day care from a dream into a reality, you must have a detailed list of the things you will need, the remolding steps you must take on a new facility to transform it into a day care and how much each of those things will cost. 3. When will you open the day care? Along with putting some real detail to what will be in your day care, the schedule of events between now and when the doors open is important. A schedule is more than just a time frame with deadlines to hit. It is also a way of laying out in enough detail that you can get started, the work that must be done and the order it must be done in before you can move forward with your development plan. Building your plan from the general milestones to the specific tasks is how you go about creating a time frame for success that is realistic and complete. 4. Where will you locate your day care? You may be able to see the building where your day care will exist in your mind's eye but you need more than that to actually get your plan off the ground. You will need to know first what you need in terms of a physical facility and second, what facilities are available in your market area and what are their costs. The first part you can hammer out in your office with a pen and paper designing the layout and size of your future day care. The second part means getting out there and looking at buildings and talking to leasing agents. This is the footwork of starting your day care and it is important footwork for sure. 5. How do you get started? Guess what? You have already started. By taking these general questions, now just start adding the detail to each question. Before you know it you will have a budget, a schedule and a project plan for getting from the dream stage to that day you cut the ribbon and invite the first group of day care kiddos in to enjoy what you have to offer. And that day will make all this hard work worth the effort.

A Gift For Carers

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This book was written following the author's personal struggle with the psychological and physical pressures of caring for his mum. His experiences and research led him to develop a solution which counters the devastating effects of what the medical world refers to as "Caregiver Syndrome." He identifies seven areas that make for a joyful life. This book is packed full of stories that will educate, inform and inspire the reader to create a better life and future. The author's engaging style will ensure that you definitely will not want to put this book down. After reading this book you will enjoy -

Higher levels of self-esteem
An improvement in your physical health
A greater understanding of yourself and others
A powerful mind-set
A more optimistic outlook
The ability to handle change
The confidence just to be yourself
Greater focus and a sense of direction
A general feeling of contentment and wellbeing.

Life Review In Health And Social Care

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How can understanding our past help us face the future? The key to gaining awareness of the present and preparing for the future lies in our understanding of the past, yet there is little coverage of this topic in the existing psychology and counselling literature. How can people improve themselves by greater self-knowledge?
Jeff and Christina Garland break new ground in making a straightforward presentation of the theory and practice of the everyday process of life review, which is atherapeutic approach for helping clients make sense of their past, and can be used to help change undesirable behaviour and plan for the future. The theory and structure of the life review process are examined, and clinical examples of how it works in practice are given; this includes interviews both with narrators (people engaged in life review) and listeners (health and social care professionals). These examples demonstrate how professionals can use life review to help their clients overcome difficulties in their lives and face the future with confidence.
Life Review will appeal to trainees and practitioners in occupational, developmental, clinical and health psychology, social work, counselling, psychotherapy and nursing.

Teach Yourself

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Genetic Counselor Career (special Edition)

RRP $18.99

In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to win your dream job and be the first in line for a promotion.


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