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Your Career 2.0

RRP $13.99

Your Career 2.0 presents a glimpse of hope and more fulfilling options in a world where Corporate America has broken the social contract with its employees. This book is the starting point of your journey towards self-sufficiency and financial freedom. The unique coaching style of The Entrepreneur's Source described here takes you on a Journey of Discovery towards your dreams.

The Care And Taming Of A Rogue

RRP $15.99

There are ways to tell if a man is a rogue:

1. He has no patience for debutantes

2. He kisses you after only asking you to dance once

3. He makes you forget yourself and kiss him back

Much to everyone's surprise, Captain Bennett Wolfe has shown up, very much alive...and very much sought after by every marriage-minded young woman. Sure he's a rogue and an adventurer, but he's such a handsome rogue and adventurer.

Phillipa would rather read than flirt, but she does know a thing or two about proper courtship rituals. A gentleman does not kiss a lady, and he certainly does not bring his pet monkey when he comes calling. Lady Phillipa's is very properly scandalised...and not so very properly tempted. Naturally, it is her duty to teach him some manners, and help him adjust to London society. It would never do to let that wildness run free.

Saved And Still Scared

RRP $12.99

Ever find yourself in a situation where you had fear grip you suddenly? Ever saw others fret and next thing you know you were shaking too? If you dare, join me as I journey through the Labyrinth that Fear created for me to stay locked in its walls forever.

Self Esteem Coach

RRP $17.99

Research shows that happiness and self-esteem do not depend on success; on the contrary, success naturally flows to those who are high in self-worth and are happy to be themselves. This is great news because it means that we can raise our game in every single area of our life if we simply concentrate on becoming more self-confident. As top UK life coach and self-esteem expert Lynda Field puts it, 'When you walk in your confident shoes, your bright spirit will always attract success.' However, if you are feeling low in confidence or overwhelmed by self-doubt, you need a strategy to help you to raise your game. It is to fill this urgent need that Lynda's 10-Day Self-Esteem Programme was created. The Self-Esteem Coach gives you a unique, interactive experience. You will discover all the steps you need to take to keep motivated, find happiness, attract success, focus on your goals, solve difficult personal problems and have brilliant relationships. Just sit back, relax and enjoy this effortless way to become a confident new you. 'Whenever you are feeling knee-deep in negativity just remember this: the biggest thought is always the positive one; it will sweep all else away with its intention, focus and determination. Never underestimate the power of positivity; it will always empower and uplift you. Always choose to think the biggest thought.' Lynda Field, from her website, www.lyndafield.com

Preventive Health Care For Children With Genetic Conditions

RRP $269.99

Originally published as Preventative Management of Children with Congenital Anomalies and Syndromes, this new edition provides health professionals with an invaluable, structured approach to the preventive care of children with congenital disorders. Over 150 conditions ranging from cerebral palsy to Down syndrome are discussed. The large number of conditions covered and the added perspective of a developmental pediatrician (Dr Cooley) provides a valuable resource for carers and parents. For each disorder there is an introductory summary of key information, followed by more detailed listing of general pediatric and speciality concerns, all structured to provide an integrated approach to patient care. For 32 common disorders or disease categories, preventive management checklists are provided: these checklists provide an ongoing record for the child's medical complications and progress and they are designed to be copied and placed in the medical record. The text provides details of medical complications and preventive recommendations supported by key literature and web resources for parents and professionals.


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