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Positive Psychotherapy For Psychosis

RRP $467.99

Positive Psychotherapy for Psychosis describes a new psychological intervention, which for the first time applies emerging research from the field of positive psychology specifically to psychosis. The book contains guidance on adapting the approach for use in individual treatments, and on providing part of the intervention, either as individual sessions or by integrating Positive Psychotherapy for Psychosis sessions into other treatments.

Divided into two sections - Theory and the Intervention Manual - this book offers methodologically rigorous research, case studies and detailed aims and instructions for clinicians and therapists. The structured, step-by-step manual, for use with clients, includes downloadable handouts, session materials, activities, guides and therapist tips. The manual will be a practical, positive and innovative resource for mental health professionals, providing all the material needed to deliver this evidence-based approach that is designed to improve wellbeing and reduce symptoms experienced by people living with psychosis.

Positive Psychotherapy for Psychosis will be of interest to mental health clinicians working with people with psychosis, as well as clinical and counselling psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health nurses, psychotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, support workers and peer support specialists.

The Occupational Therapy Manager's Survival Handbook

RRP $257.99

This practical volume, in a casebook approach, was developed in response to the complex issues that today's manager faces. As therapists assume managerial responsibilities, there is need to share experiences and lessons learned. In this volume, a common format is used to present each case, including chronology of events, alternatives considered, risks involved, and outcomes. Several chapters include valuable resource materials as well. Key concerns are addressed, such as justifying more therapist staff, evaluating staff performance, collecting and analyzing cost data to establish fees, weighing ethical and liability concerns, and teaching students about their future responsibilities. The Occupational Therapy Manager's Survival Handbook provides useful material for any therapist who wishes to examine and strengthen his or her role as a manager.


RRP $14.99

Are you curious about becoming a physiotherapist? Would you like to help people overcome physical ailments? If you yes, then this book will become your go-to beginners bible for understanding the various elements of Physio. Physiotherapy concerns itself with providing physical healing methods for many different kinds of injuries and illnesses. Some of these techniques are done in a hands-on manner, by using massage or manipulation of the muscular-skeletal system. Knowing what is physiotherapy is crucial to getting this kind of help. Education is a part of what is physiotherapy. A physiotherapist will teach a patient how to care for their injuries. He will teach exercises to do at home so that therapy can continue beyond the walls of the clinic or hospital. He will teach ways to overcome difficulties that cannot be cured. This book contains: What Is Physiotherapy?The History of PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy StatisticsHow to Start a Physiotherapy CareerWhat Are Physiotherapy Costs and Will Insurance Pay? How to Check Physiotherapy CredentialsWhy Physiotherapy Is So Important in Stroke RehabilitationHow Physiotherapy Can Help With Sports InjuriesWhat Spinal Cord Injury Patients Can Accomplish with PhysiotherapyWhy Physiotherapy Can Help Women's HealthPhysiotherapy Helps Postural ProblemsPediatric Disorders and Physiotherapy to Help ThemUsing Physiotherapy to Deal with Occupational InjuryThe Types of Neurological Conditions and Physiotherapy UsedTypes of Physiotherapy That Help Lower Back PainThe Busy Field of Geriatric PhysiotherapyWhy Down Syndrome Physiotherapy Should Be Started EarlyWhat Is Chronic Airways Disease and How Can Physiotherapy Help?What Physiotherapy Has to Do with Cardiac SurgerySome Physiotherapy Asthma Management Techniques May Be QuestionableThe Benefits of Physiotherapy for Amputee RehabilitationThe Alexander Technique of PhysiotherapyLet's get started on a new and amazing career in Physio!

Occupational Therapist Career (special Edition)

RRP $18.99

In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to win your dream job and be the first in line for a promotion.

Using Neuroscience In Trauma Therapy

RRP $402.99

Using Neuroscience in Trauma Therapy provides a basic overview of structure and function of the brain and nervous system, with special emphasis on changes that occur when the brain is exposed to trauma. The book presents a unique and integrative approach that blends soma and psyche beyond the purview of traditional talk therapy and introduces a variety of trauma-informed approaches for promoting resilience. Each chapter includes case studies, examples, and practical and adaptable tools, makingUsing Neuroscience in Trauma Therapy a go-to guide for information on applying lessons from neuroscience to therapy.


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