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A Lemoncode Sceptic And Orange Answers

RRP $29.99

This book is based on the actual email communications between the writer and a sceptic who came across the author's website www.torquetalk.nl on the internet. He decided to write to the author to find out more about the author's convictions and motivation for his website and in particular whether the author had any hard evidence for what he believed to be true. He chose to stay anonymous throughout the communications that took place over a period of three to four weeks. Difficult, but very relevant questions were asked about the hard evidence for the existence of God.

The text was kept as accurate and true to the original emails as possible. Changes that were made were mainly to make the text more readable. Where it was felt necessary, sentences, paragraphs or questions were changed to make them more understandable and clearer to the reader. The author has also expanded on some of the answers as he revised the text and felt that more complete explanations could be helpful. Due to the nature of the correspondence, the responses to some of questions or statements do not always follow immediately but a paragraph or two later. It was kept as such to stay as true to the original correspondence as possible.

The Omega-3 Answer

RRP $29.99

Omega-3 fatty acids, the whole world is talking about it, making a real clamor! For the first time, researchers at the source of this dietary revolution are making recommendations to health professionals and the general public.

In 1994. Michel de Lorgeril and Patricia Salen demonstrated, along with the authors of the Lyon study, that a diet rich in omega-3 can save the lives of cardiac patients. Today the evidence is pouring in: omega-3's protect us not just from cardiovascular diseases but also from cancer, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma...

With this book you can benefit personally form one of the greatest medical discoveries of recent years.

Barron's Regents Exams And Answers

RRP $13.99

These ever popular guides include study tips, test-taking strategies, score analysis charts, and other valuable features. Each book contains between 5 and 20 recently given New York State high school Regents exams. They are an ideal source of practice and test preparation. The detailed answer explanations make each exam a practical learning experience.

Behind The Ballot Box : A Citizen's Guide To Voting Systems

RRP $387.99

Interest in voting systems and voting system reform is growing in the United States. Voting systems--the procedures by which we cast votes and elect our public officials--are a crucial part of the democratic election process. The decision to use one kind of voting system rather than another has far-reaching political consequences. Among other things, voting systems help to determine which officials are elected to run our governments, the variety of parties that voters have to choose from at the polls, whether political minorities can win any representation, and whether the majority will rule. Amy gives readers all the information and analytical tools needed to make intelligent choices among voting systems. He provides a set of political criteria that can be used to judge voting systems and gives detailed descriptions of all the common voting systems used in the United States and other Western democracies, including winner-take-all systems as well as proportional representation systems. He also provides an analysis of the various political advantages and disadvantages associated with each type of system. This is an important guide for citizens, government officials, political activists, students, and anyone who wants to learn more about voting systems and their political implications.

Answers From The Akashic Records - Vol 5

RRP $28.55

In this book Aingeal Rose & Ahonu explore Consciousness, The 5th Dimension, Chemtrails, The Death Urge, Coming Events, Positive & Negative Thoughts, Origin of The Fall, Ayhuasca, Family and Ancestral Beliefs, Living Longer, Evil People, Disaster Areas, Reptilian Hybrids, Remote Viewing, Multiple Sclerosis, How to be more Psychic, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient, Dark Matter, Islam, Homosexuality, Solar Flares, Dolphin Slaughter, and more!

In the previous book in this series, Vol 4, the questions were on Past Life Memories, Cloning, US Politics, World Politics, the Best Way to Pray, Light Codes, Sun Gazing, Negative Thoughts, Brain Power, Torture, Free Energy, Cremation vs Burial, Higher Consciousness, and more! Some of the profound statements from that book were: God/Source has no judgment around suicide, Sometimes our greatest soul victories are achieved during our darkest hours, Every lifetime provides unlimited opportunities for love and forgiveness, and Your ego is suspended when your I AM presence is invited into your body.

In the next book, Volume 6 of the Answers From The Akashic Records series, the topics will be all about: Chakras, Creation, DNA, Experiences, Forgiveness, Life, Planets, Religions, Technology, Toxicity, Truth, War & more.

About Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Aingeal Rose (USA) & Ahonu (Ireland) are a twin flame couple who devote their lives to helping you grow in spiritual awareness in an awakening world. Through their online Akashic Record sessions, podcasts, workshops, retreats and private/business consulting; they have empowered thousands of people worldwide.

Drawing on over 60 years of combined experience in self-mastery and personal empowerment, they bring practical spirituality into a fast changing world so you can find it easier to live, love and grow. Aingeal Rose & Ahonu are ordained ministers in the non-denominational Alliance of Divine Love Ministry and bring that devotion into everything they do.


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