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A Lemoncode Sceptic And Orange Answers

RRP $29.99

This book is based on the actual email communications between the writer and a sceptic who came across the author's website www.torquetalk.nl on the internet. He decided to write to the author to find out more about the author's convictions and motivation for his website and in particular whether the author had any hard evidence for what he believed to be true. He chose to stay anonymous throughout the communications that took place over a period of three to four weeks. Difficult, but very relevant questions were asked about the hard evidence for the existence of God.

The text was kept as accurate and true to the original emails as possible. Changes that were made were mainly to make the text more readable. Where it was felt necessary, sentences, paragraphs or questions were changed to make them more understandable and clearer to the reader. The author has also expanded on some of the answers as he revised the text and felt that more complete explanations could be helpful. Due to the nature of the correspondence, the responses to some of questions or statements do not always follow immediately but a paragraph or two later. It was kept as such to stay as true to the original correspondence as possible.

How To Pray, And See God's Answer In The Clouds Above

RRP $40.99

Have you ever wondered if God answers your prayers or if you are praying the "right way"? "How to Pray, and See God's Answer in the Clouds Above" explains both the proper methods of praying as well as a new way to see God's answers to your prayers.

Franklin A. Tyler Jr. has studied prayer for more than twenty-five years and has interviewed thousands of people around the world in order to provide spiritual guidance to those who want to correctly interpret God's communication. Tyler discusses the differences between how God talked with man during biblical times and how He communicates with today's spiritual seekers.

By compiling a list of his interviewees' problems, how they prayed, the different clouds they viewed, and the meanings of each cloud formation, Tyler is able to provide specific examples that will help you interpret the answers to your prayers. A detailed dictionary of letters A-Z and their religious meaning is included that will help you both see and analyze cloud shapes.

So if you are on a spiritual journey to seek answers, lie down on the grass, put your arms behind your head, and stare upwards, because your answer is in the clouds.

Answers To Prayer From George Muller's Narratives

RRP $18.99

Excerpt from the Preface: "Mr. Brooks, in this compilation, has endeavored to select those incidents and practical remarks from Mr. Muller's Narratives, that show in an unmistakeable way, both to believers and unbelievers, the secret of believing prayer, the manifest hand of a living God, and His unfailing response, in His own time and way, to every petition which is according to His will.""

A Rose For Her Grave And Other True Cases

RRP $14.99

Ann Rule's Crime Files books have delivered the very best in true crime reading since "A Rose for Her Grave, " first in the acclaimed series, made its debut. Distinguished by the former Seattle policewoman's razor-sharp eye for telling detail and her penetrating analysis of the criminal mind, this gripping collection of accounts drawn from her personal files features the twisting case of Randy Roth, who married -- and murdered -- for profit. In her trademark narrative style, Ann Rule weaves a tale that is riveting, enraging, and heartbreaking all at once, and brilliantly chronicles the fateful confluence of a killer and his female victims, as well as the shattering investigation into Roth's heinous crimes.

Barron's Regents Exams And Answers

RRP $13.99

These ever popular guides include study tips, test-taking strategies, score analysis charts, and other valuable features. Each book contains between 5 and 20 recently given New York State high school Regents exams. They are an ideal source of practice and test preparation. The detailed answer explanations make each exam a practical learning experience.


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