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Gcse Chemistry Workbook (including Answers) (a*-g Course)

RRP $16.99

This book is packed with practice questions for GCSE Chemistry students. It covers the major topics for the AQA, Edexcel and OCR exams with a range of exercises that test what you know and how well you can apply your knowledge. The answers are in the back of the book so you can easily check your work and find out where you're going wrong. Matching study notes and explanations are also available in the CGP Revision Guide (9781841466408).

Answer Is A Miracle

RRP $17.99

A Course in Miracles promises to teach its students miracles. It wants to train them in the experience of miracles, so that they become completely natural for them. Who would not want to learn that?! Perry and Watson's goal is to lead you to a place where you see the frequent experience of miracles as entirely possible, as a true goal to which you aspire, and as the end toward which A Course in Miracles is guiding you. Along the way, the authors clear up some confusion about what miracles are and how they happen, by answering the following questions: * Where do miracles come from? * What exactly are they? * Do we perform miracles or do they just happen? * How do they relate to our lives? * How can we experience them, and what does it feel like? * How is the Course a course in miracles?

Answers To Prayer From George Muller's Narratives

RRP $18.99

Excerpt from the Preface: "Mr. Brooks, in this compilation, has endeavored to select those incidents and practical remarks from Mr. Muller's Narratives, that show in an unmistakeable way, both to believers and unbelievers, the secret of believing prayer, the manifest hand of a living God, and His unfailing response, in His own time and way, to every petition which is according to His will.""

Got A Crush On You

RRP $13.99

She was in her Sophomore year of high school while he was a college Junior when her mother married his father. Instantly, they became step-siblings, but they were always in each other's throats. Six years passed, but she still feels that she is always a nuisance in his stepbrother's eyes. He never, ever stops mocking her whenever they meet, he treats her only as his stepsister, acts as if she owes him her life, and he doesn't regard her with respect as a woman. Contrary to what her friends tell her, she does not believe that any of these is a man's way to show that he is interested in a certain woman. Then, why is she always expecting for him to somehow like her if she is convinced that he does not? The more that she finds herself drawn to him, the harder it is for her to admit her true feelings for him."

Answer Set Programming For Continuous Domains

RRP $338.99

Answer set programming (ASP) is a declarative language tailored towards solving combinatorial optimization problems. It has been successfully applied to e.g. planning problems, configuration and verification of software, diagnosis and database repairs. However, ASP is not directly suitable for modeling problems with continuous domains. Such problems occur naturally in diverse fields such as the design of gas and electricity networks, computer vision and investment portfolios. To overcome this problem we study FASP, a combination of ASP with fuzzy logic -- a class of manyvalued logics that can handle continuity. We specifically focus on the following issues: 1. An important question when modeling continuous optimization problems is how we should handle overconstrained problems, i.e. problems that have no solutions. In many cases we can opt to accept an imperfect solution, i.e. a solution that does not satisfy all the stated rules (constraints). However, this leads to the question: what imperfect solutions should we choose? We investigate this question and improve upon the state-of-the-art by proposing an approach based on aggregation functions. 2. Users of a programming language often want a rich language that is easy to model in. However, implementers and theoreticians prefer a small language that is easy to implement and reason about. We create a bridge between these two desires by proposing a small core language for FASP and by showing that this language is capable of expressing many of its common extensions such as constraints, monotonically decreasing functions, aggregators, S-implicators and classical negation. 3. A well-known technique for solving ASP consists of translating a program P to a propositional theory whose models exactly correspond to the answer sets of P. We show how this technique can be generalized to FASP, paving the way to implement efficient fuzzy answer set solvers that can take advantage of existing fuzzy reasoners.


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