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Community Health Promotion Ideas That Work

RRP $246.99

Community Health Promotion Ideas That Work, Second Edition aims to narrow the gap between what is currently being implemented in health education and promotion and what actually works. Updated with new chapters and chapter content, this edition shares the latest knowledge and experience gained by researchers and practitioners to help others plan and apply successful community health promotion programs.

Planning Health Promotion Programs

RRP $29.99

The Intervention Mapping bible, updated with new theory, trends, and cases

Planning Health Promotion Programs is the "bible" of the field, guiding students and practitioners through the planning process from a highly practical perspective. Using an original framework called Intervention Mapping, this book presents a series of steps, tasks, and processes that help you develop effective health promotion and education programs using a variety of approaches. As no single model can accurately predict all health behavior or environmental changes, this book shows you how to choose useful theories and integrate constructs from multiple theories to describe health problems and develop appropriate promotion and education solutions. This new fourth edition has been streamlined for efficiency, with information on the latest theories and trends in public health, including competency-based training and inter-professional education. New examples and case studies show you these concepts in action, and the companion website provides lecture slides, additional case studies, and a test bank to bring this book directly into the classroom.

Health education and health promotion is a central function of many public health roles, and new models, theories, and planning approaches are always emerging. This book guides you through the planning process using the latest developments in the field, and a practical approach that serves across discipline boundaries.

  • Merge multiple theories into a single health education solution
  • Learn the methods and processes of intervention planning
  • Gain a practical understanding of multiple planning approaches
  • Get up to date on the latest theories, trends, and developments in the field

Both academic and practice settings need a realistic planning handbook based on system, not prescription. Planning Health Promotion Programs is the essential guide to the process, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to develop solutions without a one-size-fits-all approach.

Human Trafficking Is A Public Health Issue 2017

RRP $546.99

This clear-sighted reference examines the public health dimensions of labor and sex trafficking in the United States, the scope of the crisis, and possibilities for solutions. Its ecological lifespan approach globally traces risk and protective factors associated with this exploitation, laying a roadmap towards its prevention. Diverse experts, including survivors, describe support and care interventions across domains and disciplines, from the law enforcement and judicial sectors to community health systems and NGOs, with a robust model for collaboration. By focusing on the humanity of trafficked persons, a public health paradigm broadens our understanding of and ability to address trafficking while adding critical direction and resources to the criminal justice and human rights structures currently in place.


Among the topics covered:


·         Children at Risk: Foster Care and Human Trafficking

·         LGBTQ Youth and Vulnerability to Sex trafficking

·         Physical Health of Human Trafficking Survivors: Unmet Essentials

·         Research Informing Advocacy: An Anti-Human Trafficking Tool

·         Caring for Survivors Using a Trauma-Informed Care Framework

·         The Media and Human Trafficking: Discussion and Critique of the Dominant Narrative


Human Trafficking Is a Public Health Issue is sobering read; a powerful call to action for public health professionals, including social workers and health care practitioners providing direct services, as well as the larger anti-trafficking community of advocates, prosecutors, taskforce members, law enforcement agents, officers, funders, and administrators.  

"An extraordinary collection of knowledge by survivors, academics, clinicians, and advocates who are experts on human trafficking. "Human Trafficking is a Public Health Issue" is a comprehensive offering in educating readers on human trafficking through a multi-pronged public health lens."

Margeaux Gray

Survivor, Advocate, Artist, Public Speaker                                    

How To Get A Promotion At Work

RRP $16.99

Table of Contents Introduction Service Delivery Team Player Mind Your Timing and Language Relationship with Colleagues Acquire Knowledge in Your Field Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction Have you ever wondered why some people climb the career ladder quite fast while others stagnate for a very long time? Have you been doing the same job for a number of months or years without a promotion or increase in salary? Have you been so frustrated that you're thinking of quitting your job and trying your luck elsewhere? There are two ways in which you can get a promotion. You can ask for it and then hope that your boss will give you the promotion. Alternatively, you can continue working hard and then hope that your boss will notice your effort and promote you automatically. Either way, a promotion is a promotion and comes with a new package and additional responsibilities. Regardless of when you started working for your current employer, there are several things that you can do so as to increase the probability of getting a promotion. With a good strategy you can reach levels that you could never have imagined. So as to get promoted you have to convince your employer why they should give you additional responsibilities and increase your salary. You can do that by verbally asking for the promotion and convincing them why they should promote you. You can also do an exceptional job in your current capacity and then wait for the promotion. The book "How to Get a Promotion at Work" is equipped with everything you need so as to start climbing the career ladder. After reading this book, you'll know when and how to ask for a promotion from your boss. You'll also know what you can do so as to increase chances of getting a promotion without asking for it. The book will guide you on how you should do your current job, how you should relate with your colleagues and what you should say whenever you're at work. Start moving up the career ladder by reading the book "How to Get a Promotion at Work."


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